Certus Digital is a software platform provider to help business tackle digital transformation by evolving their organisation into an intelligent digital business that remains relevant in digitally disrupted times.

My Role
My role is the UI/UX, digital designer of this project. I collaborated with the creative director, developer, copy writer, and digital marketing manager throughout the development process.

We work to avoid the risks of traditional web design by taking a systematic approach to shorten the time to launch, focusing on real impact and continuous learning and improvement. Based on the Growth driven design standard, we are constantly researching, testing and learning about our visitors to inform on-going website improvements. Through continuous improvements we believe we can reach peak performance.

The goal is to deliver results and bring measurable business value through web design. It is a smarter, agile and data-driven approach that minimizes the pitfalls of traditional web design and produces high-performing websites.

Firstly, we create clear performance goals for the website that align with your general business goals. And then we develop detailed personas for the different groups of people visiting the website is the next step. It's important to have an equally clear understanding of who they are, what situation they are in, what their motivation is and what the outcome is they desire. Any assumptions should be identified and tracked to ensure that risky or unknown components can be validated through user research and testing. Secondly, we map out the journeys of each persona to gain a holistic view around how buyers interact during the buying cycle so we can ensure that our website is highly effective at engaging at the right points.

Key focus area
• Key impactful website sections and pages
• Marketing assets, tools and resources
• Specific features, modules and functionality
• Design elements
• Changes in experience based on devices, country, etc.

Style guide

Video background hero sections

Infographic assets

Interactive components design for large content

Virtual webinar series delivery across landing pages

Personalised eDM design

We developed a series of automation work flow and personalised emails that would engage the customer at different key moments of their journey. Emails were triggered at particular times and events to reward, motivate, retain and influence behaviour.

Community landing pages design


Learning & Transferring
Based on the information we collected, we can then validate or disprove our hypothesis on our action. Having a structured system for publishing our findings is also a great reference for the future if we ever need to look for trends or look up previous experiments. We also took time to review what we’ve learned from each completed action item and brainstorm how this may be usual for others. And we reviewed previously completed action items to see if we can find any patterns about our users.
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