No.72  Satin’s Articulation  |  緞語

One textile shapes one world, thereby the creation of textile is full of infinite possibilities and changes, luring countless designers and artists to plunge into these fields. Some of them are stick to the traditions, return to the basic and pursue their true selves; while others jump out of the inherent concepts, think bold and explore resourcefully, endowing textile more meanings and bringing back the essential spirit of art to people. Textile has numerous forms as the kaleidoscope does in the hand of designers and artists, giving people a lot of surprise.


book i  |  Lab  實驗場

book ii  |  Dialogue  對談

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book iii  |  Silk’s Contemplation  絲絮

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book iii  |  The Weave Magic  織造世界

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180° Design  |  Breaking the Rules  不規則設計

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270° Exchange  |  

Graphic Design in China 平面設計在中國展

 Laguna College of Art and Design 美國拉古納藝術設計學院

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Publication Info

Chief Editor & Design Director : Shaoqiang Wang
主編及設計總監 : 王紹強

Editorial Consultants : Xiao Yong / Chen Nan / Javin Mo / Jiang Hua / Hei Yiyang / Aaron Nieh
編輯顧問 : 肖勇 / 陳楠 / 毛灼然 / 蔣華 / 黑一烊 / 聶永真

Design Assistant : Antiny Wu / Dingding Huo
設計助理:吳燕婷 / 霍丁丁

Coordinator & Flowcharting : Lauren Luo / Emma Zheng
統籌與流程:羅咏詩 / 郑颖欣

Editors :Lauren Luo / Ed L / Yuer Bi / Nina Liao / Emma Zheng
編輯 : 羅咏詩 / 劉恩 / 畢玉兒 / 廖呢喃 / 郑颖欣

Intern Editors : Leesa Li / Yan Yang / Zidong Lin
實習編輯 : 李璐 / 楊顏 / 林子棟


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內地、港澳臺地區線上訂購 |淘 寶

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