Triskele Labs was founded by a team of Cyber Security experts passionate about delivering end-to-end Cyber Security solutions, while we help grow their business. In the new website, we set out to solve the problems below within 1.5 months. It has been great to see Triskele Labs grow and get the amazing result. 

My Role
My role is to drive the website redesign definition and ideation, user interface design, and development of this project from end to end. I collaborated with the creative director, developer, copy writer, and digital marketing manager throughout the entire project.

The old website of Triskele Labs had very low searchability and low influence. Their old branding had not aligned with‘quality’value proposition, and it showed a unclear unique selling proposition and not aligned messaging. It led to being entirely reliant on sales for leads. Their business strategy and commission were all in the founder’s head, instead of presenting on the landing page. The old landing page metrics could be improved.

We are aiming at developing a new tailored website to tell the stories of Triskele’s expertise & innovation that serve as inbound funnels for products and facilitate two-way communication with market to inform product development. We are helping Triskele Labs to have a better brand presence and maturity, get the content engine up and running, as well as drive results through metrics.  

We kicked off a series of design sprints together with the stakeholders, we performed the competitive analysis and current user journey. And used the UX canvas to gather website goals and expected outcomes, current website’s problems. Together, we walked through the users emphasis,  drawed down the opportunities, and gathered ideas as much as we could.


Competitive analysis

Current user journey

UX Canvas

After we gathered information from the stakeholders, we started to walk through the Empathy process, which included user definition, persona drafting, and empathy mapping.
We started sketching some crazy ideas on our minds. Our focus at this stage is to diverge first, converge later. And we created the early sitemap and wireframes. We decided to highlight the Experience page to align with the new brand positioning.

Sitemap & Wireframes

We used different team images and video for the hero sections, so the customers can visualize how Triskele Labs works. We’ve showcased the real testimonials from Triskele Labs's customers, so the social proof can be seen throughout the web pages. To strengthen the funnel of the website, we've added a series of resources to entice visitors to download them. It drives delight outcomes.
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